Metal Roof Explained

Metal Roofing Explained

Your roof plays an important role in protecting your home from all that mother nature can throw at it. Our weather systems are not the same as 2 or 3 decades ago. Models have shown that weather extremities will continue to progress. For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we will ever make. Home values continue to rise in all parts of Ontario. One year’s worth of home appreciation can easily be equivalent to the cost of a lifetime roof, therefore protecting your investment. In short, “yes the house is worth it”. Asphalt /fiberglass roofing does not offer investment protection because it isn’t an investment. Depreciating products are liabilities, not assets. A temporary asphalt is an ongoing expense that does not save energy or add value. A new asphalt roof will only remove the depreciating factor rather than add value. This is why Panther Metal Roofing could be one of the most beneficial investments you will ever make for your home. Fortification, Beauty, and Longevity have a pretty nice ring to them.

Extend The Lifetime Of Your Home Roof

We aim to have your roof looking as if it was designed from day 1 when you chose the brick. Your roof should fit your home’s character without that tried and failed appearance to blend in. Our low profile, low gloss, hidden fastener, direct-to-deck installation is state of the art and will not only make you a proud homeowner but it will truly eliminate the need for ever having to climb up seasonally and inspect or maintain your roof ever!
However, if you should have the need the walk on your roof to do other types of required home maintenance such as cleaning eavestroughs or re-caulking windows, or painting trim and siding, accessing solar panels look no further. Our direct-to-deck system will allow you to walk on our shingles without crushing them.
On the contrary entry level old school systems which are defined as large panels installed on top of strapping with exposed screws or nails. These do not offer the same luxury as the premium systems do because of the hollow void underneath making it very easy to miss-step and crush as demonstrated in our 3D animated video.
Let’s face it, when you are that high off the ground trying to walk safely on a slippery surface, you want all of your focus on the horizon for the purpose of balance. When working at heights you do not want to be staring at your feet concerned with where to step next so as to not crush the panel.

Entry Level Metal


You can very easily lose your balance and slip and fall. This is just one way that we separate ourselves from old-school technology. Having said that, everything has its place. For example. A 20,000-square-foot agricultural building with open rafters probably makes more sense than an old school system because of cost. When old school exposed fasteners eventually fail and let in water it might only drip on your tractor or livestock and not be a big issue. The problem with that same type of leak on a heated residential house is that long before it actually drips through the drywall it could be leaking in your attic being absorbed by insulation and causing potential rot and mold that could be incredibly expensive to fix. Not all metal roofs are created equal. Our 3d animated videos demonstrate the differences between the two different systems so that anyone, regardless of their background, can understand our system of installation.
Buying a metal roof should not be as complicated as salespeople sometimes make it. It’s quite simple when you remove the sales drama and focus on the key points. For this very reason we have never nor will we ever send a commissioned salesperson to visit your home. All quotes shall be provided by the owner who has 29 years of experience in custom sheet metal as well as a manufacturing background. We will get up on the roof and properly inspect the substructure. It’s our intention to identify any potential extras and include them in our original quote to eliminate surprises halfway through the job. This cannot be properly achieved from a Google earth image. Potential customers may feel apprehensive to have an on-site visit because they may feel uncomfortable. As the owner, I will personally guarantee that all of my estimates shall be straightforward and delivered to you with a no-obligation and no-pressure approach. From the moment you give us the green light till we clean up and pack the trailer, it will be a give respect get respect atmosphere. We truly look forward to hearing that so often repeated phrase. “Those are some good guys you have working with you, Ray!”

Let Panther Metal Roofing help make your vision a reality.

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