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Shingles used to contain asbestos which gave shingles their longevity. It has since been banned. Today’s shingles are made up mostly of substitute fillers such as paper and a little bit of fiberglass with some asphalt. Adding even the smallest amount of fiberglass allows the shingle companies marketing division the legal right to call them fiberglass shingles. This can be somewhat misleading and create a false sense of security for todays consumer.


Have you ever driven through to countryside and seen missing metal roof panels on barns? Of course you have. Old School technology relies upon hundreds, If not thousands of exposed fasteners to remain tight in order to keep water out. It is a mathematical probability that they will fail. As metal expands and contracts, the exposed fasteners will be worked back and forth every time it heats and cools. These old school systems do not have expansion joints to allow the metal to expand and contract freely.

Old School Technology

Panthers Premium Metal roofing System on the other hand allows for expansion and contraction as it is engineered into the panel. Because of our hidden fastener low profile system, our shingles can handle upto 150 km per hour wind speeds.
Not all paints are created equal. The premium coatings used by Panther offer the highest fade protection of all metal roofing. This is because we use Fluropon coatings also known as (Kynar 500) on our aluminum shingles. Our coatings use 70% PVDF resin to meet the highest performance criteria of AAMA-2605. These resins are chemically engineered to help fight the effects of ultra violet and extreme thermal changes in climate Our coatings will stand the test of time

Old school metal with strapping has empty space that will create the drum effect noise. Our metal is installed direct-to-deck which will eliminate the noise from rain. This will satisfy the most sensitive of sleepers because of our quiet roof technology.

Storm Proof Your Roof

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